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Write for Us!

Send a mail to info@retireeworkforce.com

Thanks for your interest in writing a guest post(s) for the Retireeworkforce Blog!

Who: We would love to hear from any of our readers that can provide valuable information and insight to other Boomers visiting the site! Also any other qualified authority that has knowledge related to the topics below is encouraged to post.

What: Our readers are Boomers looking for career, money management and job searching advice.

Some of these topics include:

Job search advice

Success Stories in Transitioning to a new Career

Success Stories and tips for starting your own business

Tips on budgeting and investing your money during retirement

Reviews on New Technology or Software

Career/ Entrepreneurial advice

Career management

Advice for hiring managers, HR pros, or recruiters on attracting, hiring, and retaining mature workers

Interview tips

Any other topics related to living as a boomer that you think our visitors would be interested in is also welcome!


Content should be unique and provide a new perspective on a particular topic.

RetireeWorkforce.com (RW.) reserves the right to edit, re-write or reject posts (title, inclusive). Any minor edits we will make internally however if the piece needs more work we will send back to you for revision. Author grants Retireeworkforce.com the ability to use content is any marketing efforts they see fit for RW. 

Guest posts are unpaid and must be non-promotional.   We will, however, provide you with a 30-word “About the Author” section at the end of the post.  Feel free to include up to 3 links for your website and any social media profiles.

We would encourage you to participate in the comments section and respond to follow-up questions or comments regarding your post.

Content must be original and exclusive to that of RW and cannot be an article you have submitted to another site or written for your own blog.  After posting to RW, you are permitted to repost someplace else with a link back to the original post on RW. It is the responsibility of the author to get permission for any images or content they submit to RW.  Any copyright infringement as a result of authors content will the the authors responsibility to remedy the issue.  

Article Length: We’d prefer posts to be well written with an in-depth look into the topic of your choice.  Ideally we would like the post to be between 500-700 words.

Please send in 2-3 topics that you would feel comfortable writing about as well as a short bio about yourself.  Please also add a link to your own blog or website.  You can email us direct at info@retireeworkforce.com with Guest Post in the subject line.