Here’s My Story

John E Chambers

I am John E Chambers, and I have spent most of my life as a finance advisor specialist at some of the popular firms in the country.

I was born in Chicago, Illinois, and completed my master’s in industrial finance.

However, an area where I found myself excellent was providing the right financial advice for different people.

Over time, I have assisted hundreds of businesspersons, entrepreneurs, and struggling employees make the right choices regarding investments, savings, and, most importantly, retirement plans.

In addition, even though I have stepped down from the professional world, I continue to provide retirement and investment-based advice to friends and family.

I should say this, though. Being retired has helped me get a better perspective on things. I am talking about not only the investments but also other aspects of post-retirement life.

I also felt that more people should be aware of these things when planning their retirement investments and additional funds.

And I thought of creating, which would function as a centralized platform where I can publish worthwhile content.

Since its beginning, has published various articles that talk about the different aspects of life after retirement.

For instance, we have talked about the best jobs for retirees, based on what I have endured as a retired professional. But, of course, the content we publish here is more than personal experiences.

Even though I started alone, the current team consists of many professionals from the finance industry. This diversity helps the website in multiple ways.

First, you can find an impressive variety of posts on the website. For instance, some articles discuss the best driving jobs for retirees while others create a complete guide for retirement planning.

Once in a while, we publish casual articles such as the best ideas for a retirement-related gift. The team wants to be an all-in-one information source for everything related to retirement, retirement preparation, and investments.

I also take pride in being an early retiree, and I am sure that some of you want to do the same. Therefore, many articles on this blog will focus on this aspect.

That is, if you are unsure about preparing an early retirement plan, our comprehensive guides will assist you there. In the end, more financial control does not hurt anyone, right?

I also believe in the dynamic nature of in that we can optimize the content as per your recommendations.

And that is a great place to start.