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Well Paying Jobs with Short Training Programs

February 13th, 2017 | No Comment Yet

Author: Linda Gimmeson

When contemplating a new career path, the idea of searching for employment outside of your current realm of expertise can be daunting. It’s difficult to make time for new skill sets when holding down full-time employment. This is why it can be beneficial to locate high paying jobs that require little or easily acquired training that makes the transition period even easier. Some of these employment opportunities are even easy  to train for in spare time or with on the job training. Some courses like online medical transcription courses can be trained for at night in your spare time.

Freelance Photographer ($47,000)

The realm of freelance photography has a number of possibilities depending on the type of photography you’re interested in. In this way, it’s a career path that allows you to align your personal goals with your work goals. Do you really love to travel? Travel photographer is a legitimate and exciting option (albeit a competitive one.) For day to day, reliable work, most starting photographers do special events like weddings, glamour shots and baby announcements. Photography is a profession that requires an eye for the artistic and the good news is you might already have the natural talent to get a solid start. For learning the important parts, Harvard provides all of its classes for free online and you can’t beat that!

Personal Trainer ($37,500)

Becoming a personal trainer usually requires a certificate but aside from this it is a great career for people who are active and upbeat. Do you like getting in shape and helping other people reach their goals? If so, this is the perfect route for your future. As a bonus, you’ll not only get in great physical shape, which is awesome, but you can choose from a number of specialties that suit your preferences. Everything from CrossFit to Yoga is at your disposal. Pick something you’re passionate about and make it your new business.

Funeral Director ($80,000)

This one is a little outside of the box but with a little training you find yourself in a field that has an unlimited demand. It does require the ability to handle unconventional situations and deal with what some might view as dark or macabre duties. Funeral directors spend time talking with grieving families so it helps if you’re good with people and can show a healthy dose of compassion. If these skills fit you, then you can have a very successful career in an often overlooked career.

Truck Driver ($45,000)

Truck driving is a career that has changed in recent years. In the modern world drivers are home on weekends, making higher wages and best of all training can be acquired in off hours. If you want to see the country and get paid for it, truck driving is will take you from Florida, to Maine to Los Angeles to Portland.

Firefighter ($30,000)

Firefighting is a career that gets you out in the world and making a tangible difference. Great for workers who are tired of being locked behind a desk. Also, the potential for changing lives on a daily basis is alluring. Training takes some time but most units will allow volunteer training on weekends and night shifts for new recruits. This way you receive real-life experience while transition to a fulfilling career.

EMT ($45,000)

Much like Firefighting, EMTs are trained professionals who can receive the experience they need via volunteer work during times that are convenient to full-time workers. A clean driving record and the ability to handle intense situations are obviously prerequisites for this kind of work. This is a great jumping off point for other medical field positions and an exciting alternative to typical office positions.

Speaking of the medical field, there are numerous opportunities to take required courses to achieve and maintain degrees for working professionals. ACLS recertification courses are a requirement for maintaining employment and an opportunity to seek advancement in your career. Whether looking to grow in your current role or leave behind a career that isn’t working out, there are plenty of options available without having to commit large amounts of time to training.



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