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Summer Health: 4 Tips For Staying Active Despite Arthritis Pain

June 2nd, 2017 | No Comment Yet

The CDC claims that around 26 percent of the adult population will have some form of arthritis by 2040. When left untreated, this group of diseases can make it very difficult to carry out everyday tasks such as heading to the gym or going for a walk. That is why patients who have been diagnosed with arthritis should spend some time learning about their condition and what they can do to stay in shape despite their joint pain.

Start With Chores Around The House

Depending on what type of chores you are doing, you might be able to burn just as many calories cleaning your home as you would during a brisk walk. Many chores such as doing dishes or washing your car will also help you strengthen your hands and wrists while reducing joint inflammation. Doing chores might not be as exciting as playing a sport or going on a hike, but they generally put much less stress on your joints.

Stretch More Often

While stretching won’t cure arthritis, it can ease the symptoms. Before and after all of your workout sessions, you should try to stretch for at least 15 minutes. These stretches will improve the flexibility and durability of your ligaments, muscles, and other types of soft tissue. During your stretches, you will feel a small amount of discomfort, but the positions and movements should never be painful.

Put On Your Bathing Suit

Many people who are recovering from injuries or struggling with chronic joint problems prefer exercising in pools. Swimming laps or joining a water aerobics class will allow you to burn an incredible amount of calories in a short period of time. Even if you don’t have access to a pool, you might want to consider having professionals like The Pool Store install a hot tub or small pool so you can exercise. Studies continue to show us that warm water therapy is very beneficial to those who have arthritis.

Try To Control Your Pain Naturally

Taking strong painkillers to control your arthritis pain can take a major toll on your organs. That is why patients should never consider painkillers to be a long-term treatment option. If you are noticing that you are particularly sore after your workouts, then you might want to try natural pain relief methods such as meditation, topical ointments, or soaking in an Epsom salt bath.

Before exercising, anyone who has arthritis should first speak with a doctor to make sure that they are healthy enough. Some forms of arthritis can cause permanent damage to the bones and ligaments if the joints are not properly supported while training.

Author: Emma Sturgis



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