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Secrets to Nourishing Healthy Habits after Retirement

March 17th, 2017 | No Comment Yet

There must have been many things that you wanted to try when you were younger, but you never found enough time to start doing it. Other things seemed more important or rewarding at the time. Now that you have all the time of the world for yourself, make sure you use it wisely and memorably!

Adopting healthy habits is one of the ways to start. Since toxins represent one big threat to general wellness, an organic lifestyle is one of the best options to try if you want to prolong your active years, avoid frequent visits to the physician and do all those things you have been adding to your bucket list for so long.

Anyway you choose to tackle change, try adopting new habits by engaging in relaxing and fun activities. You can volunteer to take part in ecological projects or you can join countryside escapades and easy hiking trips. Also, making pleasant changes in your home is a great way to start. Try planting a small organic garden adapted to your space, whether it’s on the balcony or inside the apartment. Urban agriculture is going to be a big factor in the evolution of growing cities, and a personalized garden will definitely be a mood lifter and a good reason to invite friends over.

The principles of an organic daily routine are pretty simple: stay away from chemicals and pollutants and avoid processed foods. It is impossible to stay away from all potentially harmful substances, however you can do your best to keep safe from synthetic pesticides, heavy metals and solvents.

In order to limit exposure to noxious elements and pursue an organic way of living, there are some areas where you can start.


Try the organic products at the local supermarket and carefully read the labels on other food categories before picking them up. It will take a while to get used to checking the provenance of your food, but give yourself time and do not forget to write down the information you collect so you’ll have it available for later comparison. Stick to home-cooked meals and home-made juices and prepare desserts using only light ingredients and sweeteners.

Cosmetic products

Hidden in your soap, bath bubbles, hand cream or shampoos are many types of substances that give consistency and fragrance to the products, but are harmful to your immune system and can potentially cause respiratory or dermatological problems. Try organic brands and local manufacturers and also make use of multi-purpose organic ingredients like natural oils.

House cleaning products

This is another category filled with substances that affect your state of health, so making your own basic house cleaners might be an idea worth considering, especially if you find the ones on the shelves to be pricey. With ingredients like baking soda, lemon juice and essential oils you can make a simple mild cleaner for your furniture.

Clothes and bed linen

Clothing made of organic materials is certainly more expensive, but generally is much better for your body. A great option would be to check vintage jobs and thrift stores, since those clothes have been through some laundering already and a great deal of the applied chemicals have already been washed away. Do not forget to check the sales aisle if you need some new items.

Now you may be wondering how to adopt these changes without spending lots of money and time, however, you might find it easier to integrate new habits easier if you do it gradually and pay attention to your own desires when making a plan for change. You can start attending some earth-friendly activity groups, to learn tips and stay motivated, while also keeping a journal of your new choices and their effects.

Getting involved in organic ways of spending time will help you integrate healthy habits without a fuss. Visit markets and fairs in search of organic products and keep contact with the manufacturers you appreciate. Travel to nearby farms for seasonal shopping. You can even have your chosen products delivered at home.

Picking up good habits can be fun even at an older age if you have the right approach. As long as you schedule and monitor your changes and make your lifestyle a reason to keep connected with like-minded people, you will enjoy a modern, active and sustainable lifestyle while also having a responsible attitude towards the environment.



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