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Retired? The 4 Best Living Spaces For Your Golden Years

October 24th, 2016 | No Comment Yet

Author: Emma Sturgis


Your home and living needs change as you grow older. It is common for seniors to find that the place they used to call home is no longer suitable. Choosing a place to live for yourself or your aging loved ones can be challenging and scary. The following four options are the most popular, most affordable and safest spaces to live out your golden years.


Staying in Your Own Home
Many seniors are most comfortable remaining in their own homes. Almost any home can be modified to accommodate decreasing mobility with additions like grab bars, wheelchair lifts and walk-in bathtubs. Visiting nurses and home-health aides can assist with basic care needs, such as taking medication, bathing, cooking and cleaning.

The bad news is that few seniors are able to remain in their own homes for the duration of their golden years. It is important for family, friends and caregivers to recognize when it is no longer safe for a senior to live independently.

Nursing Homes
The idea of living in a nursing home is frightening to many seniors and their loved ones. However, a nursing home is often the safest place for a senior with medical conditions or disabilities to live. These facilities provide around-the-clock care from qualified staff who can handle emergencies, treat illnesses and administer medication.

Living With Family Caregivers
Family care for seniors can be an economical and comfortable option. However, caring for an elderly family member can create stress and fracture relationships. It can also be difficult to get doctors and other medical professionals to consider family as legitimate caregivers. Family caregivers can mitigate these issues by becoming certified care providers.

Senior Living Communities

A senior living community is a great option for independent seniors who are unable to live in their own homes. These communities, such as Fountain Crest for seniors retiring in sunny Florida, offer plenty of space along with support and care. Services include housekeeping, dining facilities, transportation and exercise. Seniors can even bring cats or dogs to keep them company.
Whether you make arrangements to remain at home, lease a senior living apartment, move to a nursing home or move in with family, and remember that you may have to consider a different senior living option down the road. It is important to be flexible and prepare for new situations or changing needs.



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