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4 Fulfilling Hobbies To Pick Up After Retirement

August 14th, 2018 | No Comment Yet
Retirement doesn’t mean the end of activity in your life. It can actually be one of the most exciting times of your years, so long as you choose to participate in something that gives you purpose. There are many hobbies that can give you a sense of meaning, beyond just  Read More »

Ease Arthritis Pain: Tips & Tricks To Relieve Sore Muscles And Joints

June 1st, 2018 | No Comment Yet
Your home should be your haven: a place to escape from the stress of the world, leave your obligations behind, ditch the traffic, and kick back and relax. Creating an atmosphere of peace and relaxation might include any number of efforts such as creating a more peaceful space to meditate,  Read More »

Smart Homes: The New Age-In-Place Industry for IT

December 11th, 2017 | No Comment Yet
Are you a grandparent who has lived in the same house since you were 22 and bought it with your first spouse? The idea of aging in place has become especially attractive for a variety of reasons: the cost of living, skyrocketing healthcare costs, and the attractiveness of continued independence  Read More »

A Short Guide on How to Handle Healthcare after Retirement

November 17th, 2017 | No Comment Yet
Retirement is a time that most working adults look forward to. After decades of being part of the workforce, they finally have the chance to unwind and enjoy themselves. However, there can still be some uncertainty. One of the biggest is healthcare. Even if you were used to receiving healthcare  Read More »

Modern Medicine: How Modern Technology is Helping Cut the Costs of Healthcare

October 27th, 2017 | No Comment Yet
While some associate new medical technology with higher costs, innovation actually drops the cost of health care while providing better patient care. While you may think of lasers used in operations or improvements to EKGs, the greatest advances in medicine belong to data, apps, and the Internet of Things. You  Read More »

Adaptive Care: How to Take Care of Your Body as You Age

October 23rd, 2017 | No Comment Yet
Most of us look forward to getting older. However, the body goes through a number of changes as one gets older. Most of these changes are not pleasant. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to take care of your body as you age. See Your Doctor Your  Read More »

Retirement Paradise: What To Look For In A Senior Citizen Community

August 1st, 2017 | 2 comments
As the number of people who need them keep increasing, so does the demand for retirement homes. If you or your loved one are at retirement age or require assisted living to some degree, you are likely already researching your options for senior living communities. But with so many options,  Read More »

3 Fitness Activities That Will Help Your Body As You Age

July 21st, 2017 | No Comment Yet
Everybody wants to be healthy. But not everyone is willing to take the actions needed to maintain good health. It’s easy to put off forming healthy habits, thinking that you’ll get to it later. But later comes sooner than you think. If you want to learn fitness activities that will  Read More »

4 Unexpected Health Problems To Watch Out For If You’re Over 60

July 11th, 2017 | No Comment Yet
The older you get, the more susceptible you are to certain diseases and conditions. Many of them get constant coverage, like Alzheimer’s and arthritis, but these aren’t the only ones that can develop as you age. The following four health concerns might not make as much conversation, but they definitely  Read More »

Getting Older? How to Keep Moving Despite Gray Hair & Frail Bones

July 6th, 2017 | No Comment Yet
Middle age can be a perilous time for your overall wellness. As you climb past the age of 50, you may experience significant changes in your body that beyond your hair turning gray. You can protect important parts of your body like your bones and muscles by using these four  Read More »