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Getting Ready for Retirement: 5 Things to Look Forward to

June 5th, 2017 | No Comment Yet

After decades in the workforce, the arrival of retirement can be a bewildering experience. No longer tethered to a work schedule, you can now enjoy free time and all the benefits that come with that. But what should you do when your days are so open? Here are five things to look forward to when getting ready for retirement.

Spending more time with family
As a provider for a family, it was imperative that you hold steady employment. However, there were likely moments when you wished greatly you could be spending time with your loved ones rather than at work. The best thing about retirement is that you can make up for lost time by embracing your family and spending as much time as possible with them. You can go to the movies with your grandchildren, make travel plans to see distant relatives during the holidays and whatever else knowing that you don’t have to worry about work.

Joining a senior center
Just because you’ve ended your professional career, it doesn’t mean you have to put your mind on permanent hiatus. Retirement is an ideal opportunity to expand your horizons, and a senior center is the perfect place to do so. Find one in your area and look for programs they’re offering. It could be aerobics or learning needlepoint. No matter what, it’s a terrific way to grow your mind and meet new people.

Moving into a retirement community
Speaking of meeting new people, the best place to meet other retired individuals is in a retirement community. In these esteemed establishments, you can mingle with others who have left the workforce and meet people who share your same interests. Living amongst your peers is one of the best ways to find fulfillment at any stage of life, and this is especially true when you have the amount of free time that most new retirees find themselves with. It’s also the perfect way to establish connections and further grow your social network. The choice to move into a senior community is a big one though, so you should definitely spend some time researching before committing to one. Nowadays most facilities have a website, like this one for The Scottish Home, which can be a great resource for this step.

Sleeping in
While you should embrace your free time by staying as active as possible, there’s something to be said for waking up, going back to sleep without fear of being late is a wonderful pleasure of retirement. Embrace the feeling of your blankets and pillow on a slow morning and think about how good it feels. 

More time to yourself
As satisfying as a career can be, it does require sacrifices, particularly to your time. Once you retire, you’ll be able to embrace going on your own path. Whether it’s catching up on reading, learning new skills or traveling, retirement is your time to shine. Retirement will be the start of plenty of exciting opportunities. To take full advantage of this time, look for things to do and people to connect with. Every day should and will count as you embrace your retirement. 

Author: Kara Masterson



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