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Getting Older? How to Keep Moving Despite Gray Hair & Frail Bones

July 6th, 2017 | No Comment Yet

Middle age can be a perilous time for your overall wellness. As you climb past the age of 50, you may experience significant changes in your body that beyond your hair turning gray. You can protect important parts of your body like your bones and muscles by using these four critical tips for staying on the move as you get older.

Commit to Exercising Everyday

Even if you were relatively inactive in your younger years, it is vital that you commit yourself to exercising everyday as you get older. By dedicating yourself to improving your strength and wellness as you age, you take one of the foremost steps to preventing or prolonging age-related diseases like osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and heart failure. Remind yourself every morning when you get up that you need to exercise for at least 45 minutes that day.

Set Goals for Yourself

You may find the motivation to get up and get moving if you set daily exercise goals for yourself. These goals should be realistic and achievable and should not put extra strain on your body.

For example, if you are not accustomed to running for prolonged periods of time, you should not set a goal to run a mile until you have worked your way up to that distance. If you set unreasonable goals, you are more likely to fail at meeting your milestones and give up your daily exercise regimen.

Find a Partner

Exercise is more fun when you have someone with whom to work out. If your spouse is not up to joining you in your daily fitness regimen, enlist the support of a friend or family member. If no one in your circle of friends or family is available, join a gym or take part in a local exercise club.

Choose Your Exercises Wisely

Despite your dedication to working out everyday, you must know what exercises are best for someone in your age group. Fitness experts like those at Mercola suggest these exercises for people age 50 and over:

  • Pilates
  • yoga
  • 30 minute jogs or brisk walks
  • a set of eight 30-second sprints

These exercises do not put too much strain on your heart and blood system and promote better bone and muscle health. Along with exercises, you should remember to take supplements, like those from Algae Cal Inc.

Exercising past the age of 50 is important to your overall health. Prolong or avoid age-related diseases by exercising every day. Use these simple tips to get up and get moving as you age.

Author: Hannah Whittenly



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