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Getting Fit Over 50!

June 17th, 2016 | No Comment Yet

Even if you’re not fit going into your 50s, you can still get healthy, fit and lead an active lifestyle over 50 years old. The key is to choose activities that fulfill the following three criteria. They must be interesting to you, appropriate for your existing fitness level and available to you. Here’s what that means.

Choose Activities That Are Interesting To You
It’s not use buying a gym membership over 50 when you’ve spent your whole life avoiding the gym at all costs. Now that you’re over 50 and want to get fit, you should choose only the activities that truly interest you. That’s the only way you’ll be able to stay motivated to continue to exercise on a consistent basis. And it’s that consistency that will lead you to your fitness goals.
Choose Activities Appropriate For Your Fitness Level
If you’re 30 pounds overweight, you shouldn’t start your new exercise routine by suddenly taking up jogging. First, your heart may not be strong enough for the strain, and second, your skeletal structure will probably not be able to handle the impact load. That’s a big reason why you see older people walking around with knee braces on. They’ve stressed their joints out with the impact of running. Lead up to your fitness goals slowly, with exercises that will let your body get fit at a safe pace. Your first step should be to consult with your physician about which exercises you should start with. Here are some ideas to ask him about:
• Walking at a leisurely pace
• Swimming or water aerobics
• Pickleball (playing doubles will reduce the workout even more)
• Billiards
• Golf
• Bicycling
Choose Activities That Are Available to You
If you live in a climate with four seasons, as most of the country does, you won’t be able to walk outside for several months out of the year due to cold, rain or snow. This can really sabotage your fitness goals. If you have a large shopping mall near you, however, you can drive there and walk the length of it indoors, before it’s gets crowded. The point is, choose activities that you can do year round, not ones that you can’t afford, or ones that are impossible to find facilities in your neighborhood.
Finally, focus on your long-term goals, not your short-term results. Remember, getting fit over 50 is a process that takes time and consistency.



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