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Ease Arthritis Pain: Tips & Tricks To Relieve Sore Muscles And Joints

June 1st, 2018 | No Comment Yet

Your home should be your haven: a place to escape from the stress of the world, leave your obligations behind, ditch the traffic, and kick back and relax. Creating an atmosphere of peace and relaxation might include any number of efforts such as creating a more peaceful space to meditate, using hot tubs to relieve joint and arthritis pain, and lightly exercising to relieve stress and anxiety.

Relieve Sore Muscles and Joints

Everyone experiences the ache of sore or stiff muscles from time to time. Whether due to stress, physical activity, a medical condition, or a less than perfect night’s sleep, stiff and sore muscles can really put a damper on any day. One benefit of hot tub ownership is the use of hydrotherapy to decrease stiffness, improve range of motion, and alleviate muscle tension.

Those who suffer from chronic joint and bone pain due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, or chronic back pain can also benefit from regular immersion in warm water. The warmth that a hot tub brings stimulates blood circulation, loosens the stress in muscles and joints, and relieves the pressure of gravity on aching bones. People who find little relief in traditional exercise movements can find a great deal of relief by stretching joints and moving freely in warm water.

Improve Your Overall Heart Health

Recent studies published in the North American Journal of American Sciences conclude that hydrotherapy and the immersing of oneself in warm water can actually result in the decrease of systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. Those who own hot tubs and relax for at least 10 minutes at a time help to promote the flow of blood while also increasing feelings of relaxation, both of which are great for overall heart health.

Let Go of Anxieties

In a world full of stressful encounters, enjoy the peace and relaxation that a hot tub soak can bring. Whether it’s the daily discomfort of an anxiety disorder or just a particularly bad day that has you feeling down, can do a lot to decrease feelings of anxiety while promoting a feeling of well-being and peace. There are few things more relaxing than soaking in warm water at the end of a long day to relieve both the body and the mind. In fact, according to Bullfrog Spas, people who soak in a hot tub for at least 10 minutes felt an increase of well-being and stress release.

There are many natural methods to relieve stress, anxiety, and joint or arthritis pain. Consider using light exercises to help relieve your anxiety and improve your flexibility and range of motion. Hydrotherapy is also a great way to relieve joint pain and stress. Use the tips above to help relieve pain at home and start living a more full life.
About the Author: Danielle Adams is a freelance writer who works with many publications including Bullfrog Spas. When she’s not writing, Danielle enjoys practicing yoga, meditation for stress relief, and learning more about hydrotherapy.



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