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Best Retirement Jobs For Seniors

March 28th, 2016 | No Comment Yet

Best Retirement Jobs for Seniors

Seniors hold a unique place in the job market. They have specialized experience, knowledge and education, and they also may have needs that younger job applicants don’t have. It’s the wealth of knowledge, experience and education that make seniors the perfect choice for these best retirement jobs for seniors.

Help Desk Representative

Seniors excel at getting the lay of the land quickly. Studies have shown that older brains are more adept at seeing the big picture and figuring out what the situation is faster than younger brains.

As a help desk representative, a senior would act as the public’s assistant, working almost like a hotel concierge, directing callers and visitors to the right place to get their needs met and their questions answered.

Veteran’s Job Placement Worker

Some of our most esteemed retirees are also veterans of war. Having that previous experience and knowing firsthand how the ravages of war can influence a person, is a priceless experience that is invaluable in the workplace.

As a veteran’s job placement worker, a senior would be able to match a veteran’s job skills to employer needs, while taking into consideration factors like transportation, housing and the family situation. A senior would be able to see the veteran job applicant as a whole person, not just as a number.

Human Resources Administrative Worker

The duties of a human resources administrative worker run the gamut from helping current employees to succeed at work, to assisting them in filing health insurance claims through the company health plan.

As a human resources administrative worker, a senior would be able to share their own personal anecdotes about getting through challenges at work, as well as helping employees navigate the oftentimes complex forms related to filing health insurance claims.

Travel Recruiter

A travel recruiter helps to convince people that a cruise or guided European tour would be a great idea, among other trips. Travel recruiters need to have personal travel experience, as well as being able to converse and relate to a wide variety of personality types.

Seniors can bring a lot to the travel industry. With a lifetime of travel experience behind them, and learning how to get along with different people, seniors are instantly relatable and reliable as representatives for the travel business.

The new retirement model includes living life to the fullest, sometimes taking on some part-time work that takes advantage everything seniors offer.



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