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Apartment Shopping? 3 Liability Risks To Look For Before Signing The Lease

May 25th, 2017 | No Comment Yet

If you are shopping for an apartment, you will need to recognize any hazards that a rental home or complex may contain. While it is not always obvious at first glance that danger lurks in a given rental, it is important to know how to spot possible problems before you sign a lease.

Are There Signs Of Pest Or Water Damage?

If you see mouse droppings, spider webs or cockroaches running on the walls, it may be a sign of a larger pest problem. Signs of water damage include reddish stains on the ceilings or walls as well as mold growing where water is present. Pest and water issues are both signs of apartments that have not been properly maintained, and it could indicate that you have a landlord who isn’t concerned with your welfare.

Cracks In The Pavement Could Pose Issues

Cracks in the sidewalk or driveway could cause an increased risk of tripping, spraining an ankle or otherwise hurting yourself while walking to and from your apartment. It may also indicate that the landlord doesn’t keep the sidewalks free from snow or ice in the winter. This is because cracks and potholes are caused by water penetrating through cracks caused by the expanding and contracting concrete during times of cold weather.

Contact An Attorney If You Are Hurt

In the event that you are hurt while in your rental unit or property owned by your landlord, it is important to protect your rights. Talking to a trip and fall accident attorney may help you determine how to proceed in getting the compensation that you need to pay medical bills and make up for lost wages. You may also be entitled to collect lost future earnings depending on the scope of your injury.

How Are Animals Kept On The Property?

It isn’t uncommon for apartments to allow cats and dogs to live with their humans in an apartment complex. Therefore, it is important to determine whether being in the presence of animals is acceptable to you. You should find out if there is a leash policy for dogs and whether or not pets are required to be current on all of their vaccines.

While you do have rights after you sign a lease, it is important to know what you are renting ahead of time. This may save you the drama of getting your landlord to fix problems or having to go to court to defend your reasons for withholding rent if the issues are not remedied.

Author: Emma Sturgis




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