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Amazing Job Search Tips That Really Work

November 29th, 2016 | No Comment Yet

The latest news shows that the unemployment rate is as low as never before in the United States alone. This truly is great news for everyone! Finally, people do not have to work only to make their ends meet. This tendency of the job market shows that more workplaces have emerged recently. In its turn, this means that there are more employment opportunities open, and one should not hesitate to seize them.

However, as time flies, what used to be good approaches to job search are already outdated. So, before you launch the large-scale job search, let’s go through the best tips that will increase your chances of being hired and finding the perfect place to work at.


What should you know when searching for a job?

  1. Create a new resume. If your resume is a year or so old, throw it away and do not send it out. Be sure: employers have received a thousand of resumes identical to yours within the last twelve months. However, take advantage of the new templates that emerge along with new technologies.

Therefore, your resume will be more attractive if you compose it in the shape of infographics or charts. Or even if saving everything in the form of a regular document, play with fonts and make it engaging. Come into potential employer’s world: he gets at least a hundred resumes every day (depending on the image of the company). To remember yours one, you need to really impress him with your style, innovative approach, and excellent communication skills in it.

So, give your resume some time and brush it up a little!

  1. Don’t be afraid to apply for positions that seem to be way out of your league. I do not want to say that you should apply for a post of a Financial Director of a huge corporation if you are only a graduate student. But rather that if the job description totally fits you except for a few points, you should still show your interest in it. As an alternative, you can state that you are willing to fill the gaps in the knowledge. Make sure to mention this in a cover letter. Employers love the letters of application, as they help them see a real person behind an impersonal resume you attach to the email.

It is often a key to better prospects, so keep calm and apply for positions that seem to be too good and companies too fantastic to choose you.

  1. You should know what you are worth. You don’t have to apply for positions that do not pay enough or do not offer you particular ways to develop personally and professionally. With improvements in the job market, you are no longer desperate. So value your time and effort and opt for better career opportunities. Yet, be realistic: if you want to set the world on fire, you will probably get disappointed with negative feedback.
  1. Practice your interview skills before you go for it. The interview can be a tough time: some employers like to ask tricky questions to see how you react and whether you stay positive and adequate when in contact with people difficult to be around. Such an approach to interviews is getting more and more popular, so if you know that you get lost when in stress, make sure to search for ridiculous questions you can be asked to be ready to give your answers.

You need to look confident and do not let any surprises shake your confidence.

  1. Some people also recommend talking about a position you are being interviewed for as if you know for sure that you’ll get it. For instance, instead of asking “What will the responsibilities of the person holding this position be?” you can ask “What do you expect from me once I start working as…?” This psychological trick is not yet known by many people, so it will increase your chances of getting the job. The thing is that you plant a seed in employer’s mind: he will look at you from a new perspective as if you are already hired.
  1. Search for openings at companies where your friends work. As the managers of large corporations state, they are always more than happy to invite for an interview someone their employees recommended them. They believe that it is a sign of respect to their current workers as well as a wise move: when friends work together, it creates a very special and unique atmosphere at the workplace. So, they opt not to miss such an opportunity.

Why don’t you ask your friends if there are any suitable openings you are perfect for in their company? If so, rewrite your resume, attach a cover letter to it and ask your friend to present it to your potential hirer.

  1. If talking about an interview again, remember to control your body language. Everything counts – the way you sit, the position of your head, an expression on your face, nodding, as well as your posture. Your employer gets his first image of you from the way you express yourself with body language. If you look unconfident and stressed, you are blowing a chance to get this job. Try to relax and think clearly. Do not try too hard to impress, as the more you try, the worse you come out. Be the best version of yourself.

And also, try to repeat the body language of an interviewer: this practice is known to be extremely helpful when building the connection with a person you meet for the first time. On top of that, remember about a firm handshake: it is a minor observation, but it can improve the general image you create.

All in all, do not underestimate the value of this tip and stick to it to increase your chances of getting the job.

  1. Express your passion for working at a company in question. We hope that you only apply for attractive positions in companies with values similar to yours. Therefore, it won’t be lying to tell the hirer how much you appreciate the time they dedicated to an interview with you. Let them know that you have chosen them for a reason and make sure to mention values you have in common. Learn more about the history of the company, and in case you’ll have a chance, mention this knowledge in the conversation, too. Employers love applicants that share the same passion with them.

Finally, in case you don’t get accepted to a company of your choice, don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations. It is always useful to see yourself from the perspective of a hiring manager. Know your mistakes to avoid them in the future. And take their feedback seriously: it is everything you need to know about the errors you should avoid to get a job you always wanted to!

All things considered, the job search is a complex task. It has a lot of pitfalls you should be aware of. That is why make sure to stick to the tips from this article to overcome the obstacles and increase your chances of being offered a position at a company you like.


With a background in education and entrepreneurship, Jake Lester currently writes for the educational  and career blogging projects. Jake writes for many blogs and gives useful advices for entrepreneurs, students and educators. He likes to cover stories in productivity, careers and education. Connect with him on Twitter and Facebook


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