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7 Work at Home Jobs Perfect for Retirees

February 21st, 2017 | No Comment Yet

So you’ve retired, but you’re going crazy without any work to do. It happens to the best of us. We all long for the day we can finally put away our work boots, but when it comes, we just don’t know what to do with ourselves. Working from home offers versatility and a little change of pace. You can keep yourself busy, but enjoy the laid back lifestyle you’ve been looking forward to for the past few decades.


What do you want to sell? A lot of people take up a craft after they retire. Whether you’re into woodworking, knitting, painting, or even refurbishing electronics, there’s a niche for what you do. Take to the internet to sell your wares. Even if you’re only profiting enough to finance your hobby, you’ll still be able to continue doing the things that you love.

2. Content Writing

The internet is full of articles, lists, and blog posts. Someone needs to get paid to write them, and it might as well be you. If you have a few subjects you’re particularly interested in, keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to write content for your favorite blogs and websites. You’ll get to research things that you enjoy researching and educate others about them.

3.Freelance Work

Freelance work is somewhat vague, but that’s the entire point. When you freelance, you provide any services you specialize in to private businesses or individuals who want to collaborate with you. If you worked in the legal field, you can become a freelance legal consultant. Almost every career field is relevant to some kind of freelance work, and it’s easy to find opportunities on freelancing platforms.


If you’re bilingual, that skill will never cease to be useful. The internet bridges connections across the world. Businesses and even casual websites are looking to find followings all over the planet, and this means a lot of their content will need to be translated for readers who speak other languages. If you speak an extra language or two, you can offer your skills as the translator who will make these expansions possible.


Transcription jobs have been reliable work from home opportunities for decades. Medical companies in particular are always seeking the skills of a transcriptionist. Since these kinds of jobs are so common, you can even find them on regular job boards like Gumtree. Having a medical background will make you a promising candidate for one of these positions.


Anyone can be a YouTuber – even a retiree. If you have a hobby or a skill you’d like to share with the world, YouTube will provide you with the perfect platform to do that. Users constantly browse YouTube for valuable tutorials or pieces of information that will help them learn a skill or strengthen their knowledge. If you can amass a significant following, the ad revenue you’ll receive from your videos can give you some extra pocket money.

7.Virtual Tutor

Even scholars have to retire. The good news is that there are plenty of people who don’t know the things that you know, and they’d love for you to teach them. Even professionals look for business mentors on the internet who can tutor them through the founding of their own enterprise. All you need is an exceptional knowledge of a particular subject to get started as a from-home tutor.

You’ve spend so many years working that you deserve to pick a retirement opportunity that you enjoy. This is your time, and whatever you decide should feel fulfilling and give you a sense of purpose.

With a background in business administration and management, Tess Pajaron currently works at Open Colleges, Australia’s leading online educator. She likes to cover stories in careers and marketing.



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