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7 Most Common CV Myths That May Cost You the Job

February 24th, 2017 | No Comment Yet


Did you know that many job applicants unknowingly make errors while writing resumes? The truth is that most people have different ways of writing their curriculum vitae. A lot of factors tend to change from one person to another. Such factors include formatting, style, and arrangement. But the process of resume writing is not as easy as most people tend to think! Remember that this is what shows the employers your qualifications and strengths. It is the first step to ensuring that you are able to land a job.

Job recruiters only need to see one mistake and off you go onto the list of rejected applicants. It is, therefore, important to be precise and careful while writing your resume. You might get intimidated, especially if you are unaware of some of the rules and are unknowingly following wrong procedures (myths) of writing curriculum vitae. Hence, below are seven most frequent resume writing errors you need to consider before creating your resume.

1.You Have To Include Everything On One Page

Employers often reject resumes that contain a lot of filler content. This means that such documents have too much irrelevant information. Note here that this does not mean that you should try and fit all your content on one page. Wrong! You might end up leaving out a lot of relevant information.

Let us take an example of a person with over fourteen years of working experience. Can such an individual put all their credentials on one page? Will it even fit? For such a person, it will be quite difficult to include all the skills, education, and experience on one page. Furthermore, it will end up being clumsy and disorderly, factors that do not go well with the employers. For a beginner, it is advisable to stick to one page. However, for senior company executives looking for a job, it is advisable to use as much space as it is needed!

2.Use Of Colors Appears Very Unprofessional

We all have different qualifications. Helping the employer to identify your unique qualifications is crucial to your getting the job. Highlight certain achievements. Use colors such as pink, green, or blue which are quite pleasant. They go a long way in showing the recruiter your strengths and accomplishments.

3.Always Include An Objective Statement In Your Resume

Employers normally go through a lot of CVs every day. Starting your resume with generic words or cliché statements will definitely not please the recruiter. Avoid using statements such as “Seeking a Position in Your Organization” because they tend to do more harm than good.

If you are not able to come up with a unique objective statement, why not leave it out? There is no rule that says that you should always include one! Yes, it is important to add one but it should not be an overly used statement which will just bore the recruiter.

4.You Can Make Up Stories So As To Get Shortlisted

Lying is not only wrong but immoral. It speaks very lowly of your character and is also harmful for your professional life. In resume writing, this issue couldn’t be more dangerous. Indicating wrong grades, work experience, skills, and qualifications comes with a high price.

Never mind not getting the job, the consequences are more severe! Note here that each and every detail that you indicate in your curriculum vitae is screened and verified by employers. False information damages your name, reputation, and may even lead to imprisonment.

5.Adding Your Complete Work History Makes Your Resume Worthy

You may think that adding your entire work experience, including part-time jobs and volunteering makes your curriculum vitae more pleasant and enjoyable to read. Wrong! Remember that job recruiters have got a huge amount of resumes to go through. Therefore, adding too much ends up putting them off rather than encouraging them to continue reading.

What you should do here is include only the work experience that is related to the job. For example, if you are applying for a position in a bank, make sure that what you put on your resume shows that you have previously dealt with financial matters.

6.Your Resume Should Only Include Paid Work Experience

For the inexperienced young people, indicate important educational qualifications, community and volunteer services. Lack of a previous job does not mean that your resume is ‘inadequate’. This is false!

Including other qualifications shows valuable skills, drive, and passion. Some non-governmental organizations and community job programs require people who show their value in humanitarian activities. They match these skills to their organizational objective and if you include them in your resume, they might just get you that job!

7. The ‘One Size Fits All’ Opportunity

Are you applying for many jobs using the same resume? If you are, then this is a huge mistake! Different jobs have different distinguishing factors, sets of skills, and qualifications.

When applying for a job, the following are some of the key points to take into consideration:

  • First, always be patient
  • Identify one job opportunity at a time
  • Then, include the skills and qualifications that are needed
  • Leave out all other irrelevant information

Is Your Curriculum Vitae Ready?

With the growth of the Internet, people struggling to write their CVs can now refer to a resume writing service online. Some of the services that you are likely to find include:

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The process of writing a resume is not easy. Hence, you need to remember some key aspects. For example, formatting, how many pages to include, word count, and so much more. Create curriculum vitae that will improve your chances of getting a job, the one that stands out from those of other applicants. I hope that now you have learned some of the constantly told myths about resume writing and how to avoid such errors!

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