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4 Unexpected Health Problems To Watch Out For If You’re Over 60

July 11th, 2017 | No Comment Yet

The older you get, the more susceptible you are to certain diseases and conditions. Many of them get constant coverage, like Alzheimer’s and arthritis, but these aren’t the only ones that can develop as you age. The following four health concerns might not make as much conversation, but they definitely warrant attention in anyone over 60.

Substance Abuse

One might not immediately think of an elderly person abusing drugs or alcohol, but up to 20 percent of them are doing so now. Besides the risk of worsening any other conditions and the impact it has on one’s systems, substance abuse will interact poorly with any other medications or treatments you’re undergoing. Avoid indulging in any drugs you don’t need, and you can steer clear of the disasters abuse brings.


The strength of this debilitating mental illness deepens as you enter your seniors years, but it’s not a normal part of getting older. It weakens the immune system and your ability to recover from other conditions, and unfortunately affects up to one fifth of the senior population. This form of depression isn’t always obvious in older citizens, so it’s vital to get support and see professionals about your mental issues. Getting the help you need can ensure your later years are pleasant ones.


Dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, is more common in older adults and can make eating and drinking nearly impossible. This condition isn’t always obvious, either, and has been known to cause pain in certain individuals. It’s often indicative of another problem, so if not being able to eat wasn’t enough of an alarm, the risk of a worse condition necessitates early detection and treatment. 


Whether or not you suffer dysphagia, dehydration can creep up and kill otherwise healthy individuals of any age. The risk goes up as you age, especially if you suffer any other conditions, since the body gradually becomes less efficient at water retention. The fix is easy: drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods containing it. Even if you don’t feel thirsty often, make sure you’re drinking enough.

Your golden years might leave you more vulnerable to things you weren’t when you were younger, but don’t let them stop you. Practice good health and regular preventative measures, including doctor visits, to keep the unexpected problems from doing their worst.

Author: Emma Sturgis



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